Our vertical blinds come with the option of multiple different tracks.  As a standard we use an 8-prong Self Aligning carrier system.  Our finely engineered track allows you to regulate just the right amount of light through its uniformly spaced scissor carriers and will give you many years of trouble free operation. All of our vertical tracks come standard with mounting brackets and safety devices. 
Vertical Tracks
One Way Draw
Split Draw
Opposite Stack Draw
The blind draws equally to both sides leaving the center space open
The blind draws towards the side with the controls.
The blind draws to the side opposite of the controls.
Vertical Tracks
Features: Examples of our most popular types of tracks: 8-Prong Self Aligning (Standard) MC-130 Self Aligning 3 prong (Heavy Duty) 8-Prong Wand Operated Self Aligning All mounting hardware and installation screws are included. Heavy duty track system comes standard with self aligning carriers.
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