How-to Install Vert-A-Sheer® Vertical Blinds
Please follow these simple instructions to install your new Vert-A-Sheer® Outside Mount Mount brackets 1/2" higher than ordered blind length. Install track and vanes only. Now you're ready to install the sheer. Leave valance installation for final step. Inside Mount  Mount brackets through valance into jamb or ceiling. Install track and vanes. Now you're ready to install the sheer. Note: Sheer material must be handled with extreme care to avoid any snags or pulls. Step One Starting with second vertical slat, remove slat from track and insert slat into second receiving socket of Vert-A-Sheer and re-attach to track. Note: Top of Vert-A- Sheer has a gap to allow stem of carrier to slide through and attach to vane. Step Two Continue this procedure until all but first and last pocket of Vert-A- Sheer are attached to track. For a split draw, there will be a total of four vanes left unattached, one on each end and two in the middle. Step Three For remaining slats, receiving pockets of Vert-A-Sheer are slightly different. Insert slat into pocket and attach to track. If stem of carrier does not attach to slat, then slat is not inserted into pocket correctly. It's 5:00 pm somewhere! Ready for your Window Treatments?
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