Sheerweave Shades with Win Roll-A Clutch Install Instructions
Start by deciding how deep into the window opening you want the sheerweave shade to be mounted. Generally, placing the shade about half way back into the opening (towards glass) offers better privacy on the sides versus mounting near the front edge (towards inside of home). The sheerweave shade material is manufactured to roll off the BACK side of roll when installed - unless you specified otherwise at time of order. There are two brackets included with your order. A control end bracket, the one with the chain (fig 2) and a fixed end bracket (fig 1). The example shown below was ordered with controls RIGHT. If you ordered any of your phifer sheer weave shades with controls left you will need to reverse the mounting of brackets from what is shown below.
1. Hold the fixed end bracket up to top of window opening at desired depth (into window opening) and install with two screws.
2. Install the control end bracket the same way (and depth) as fixed bracket using two screws, tighten firmly.
3. View of control end bracket when installed.
4. Find the chain connector on the lift chain and rotate controls so it's at the very bottom like shown.
5. Take the shade in hand with roll coming off back side and place control end (side with hole) into the control bracket like shown. 
6. Next, align the flat tip on fixed end so it faces straight up and down and slowly push up into the slot on bottom of fixed bracket. You will hear it click into place. To release shade to take back down all you need to do is push in on the button of front of bracket.  
7. Finished look of control end with shade in raised position. 
8. View of finished shade in lowered position. The sheen you see at bottom of material is the flat aluminum bar showing through fabric. This bar is used to weigh down the material and help it hang straight.  
The measurements above show the exact sizes for an inside mount sheerweave shade if your window opening is 24" wide. It's 5:00 pm somewhere! Ready for your Window Treatments?
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