These solar shades have a basketweave design made expressly for those insulating and glare-blocking applications which require a more private and non-directional fabric. The material is a PVC-coated fiberglass yarn. All Sheerweaves roller shades come standard with a continuous loop clutch mechanism for easy control. This system raises and lowers the sun shades smoothly and evenly for trouble-free performance. No more long, dangling cords or frustrating cord locks or cleats.
Phifer Sheerweave Roller Shades
Features: 5000 series has openness factors ranging from 3% to 10%. All mounting hardware and screws are included. (hardware is white) For fuller fabric look, you can select a Roman Fold Roll Up for a slight upcharge. Wide range of colors to choose from to match any decor. Optional 3 1/2" Dust Cover Valance is available as well as aluminum fascia and other options. Comes with the Continuous Loop Clutch Roller for smooth operation. Motorization is also available for all roller shades.
Phifer Sheerweave Style 5000
Style 5000 (3%-10% Open) Colors: (Please don't use this site for exact colors and sizes, each monitor varies.)
R11 Linen/Cranberry
R12 Linen/Cinnamon
U10 Linen/Topaz
U11 Linen/Burlap
U12 Linen/Cream
V88 Linen/Fig
Q43 Marble Sand
Q49 Rattan/Umber
Q51 Wicker/Mushroom
Q94 Tweed/Oatmeal
Q95 Tweed/Buckeye
Q96 Thatch/Wheatgrass
U14 Crepe/Walnut
U16 Crepe/Toasted Coconut
U13 Crepe/Jade
U15 Crepe/Granola
V90 Crepe/Chestnut
Q46 Bamboo/Wheat
P60 Bamboo/Birch
V89Crepe/Blackened Bronze
Q53 Honeycomb/Brown Sugar
Q50 Bark/Tiger Oak
Q48 Bark/Cedar
Q47 Moire/Mocha
U22 Filigree/Light Copper
U21 Filigree/Polished Silver
U20 Filigree/Frost
U23 Filigree/Crystal
V92 Filigree/Toffee
U30 Digital Lines/Shimmer
U18 Digital Lines/Crystal
U31 Digital Lines/Caramel
U19 Digital Lines/Polished Silver
V91 Digital Lines/Raven
U25 Seaglass/Copper
U17 Digital Lines/Pearly Black
U26 Seaglass/Gold
U29 Seaglass/Crystal
U27 Seaglass/Verde
U28 Seaglass/Chardoney
U24 Seaglass/Silver It's 5:00 pm somewhere! Ready for your Window Treatments?
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