Overview: Measuring for window treatments is much easier than most people think. Here are five important things to remember. Please be sure to read the specific measuring instructions linked below before ordering too. 1. Use a steel measuring tape 2. Measure to the nearest eighth of an inch - don't round your measurments. 3. On your notes, clearly indicate which measurment is the width and which is the height. It is very common to transpose measures. Please note width first, then height. 4. Inside Mount Only - Do NOT take any deductions . Our factory takes those allowances. You need to provide us with your EXACT WINDOW SIZE OPENING, do not use the size of an existing blind in that window. 5. Outside Mount Only - You need to provide the exact overall blind size needed (by adding the necessary coverage to the width and height of opening). Our factory makes all outside mount blinds the exact width and height you specify.     
Measuring Your Windows Like A Pro!
Note:  Factory automatically adds 12 inches to your window height for roller wrap at no charge.   Choose Inside or Outside Mount: Before taking any measurements, step back from your window and decide if you want to mount the window treatment inside the window recess or outside on the wall or moulding. For an inside mount, the window opening must have enough unobstructed depth to allow mounting. Tip: For a flush inside mount (the blind completely recessed so that no part of the blind projects out of the opening) check that you have enough depth and make sure you request the valances be made the same width as blind since they are normally made an inch or two wider. Tip: We usually recommend an inside mount when possible because it provides a cleaner look. However, an outside mount can make a window appear larger or hide an unattractive window. When you specify inside mount, we will make a size deduction to allow for operating clearance. We will deduct up to 1/4" from each side (on vertical blinds there is also a height deduction of 1/4"). The deductions are made so that the blind will not rub or scratch your window frame. If you specify an outside mount, we will not take any size deductions. Your blind will be made at the exact size you specify. So you must ADD to the opening measurement to allow for overlap and mounting brackets. Be sure to read our product specific measuring instructions before ordering. When measuring, don't be surprised if your windows aren't square, it probably won't be noticeable.    
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