Glass Doors (outside mount) You may choose how wide and long you want your blind since the blind will not fit inside the window frame. Just be sure to watch for obstructions like dead bolts, door knobs, etc. There needs to be room to mount hold-down brackets. Measure at least 2" wider than the glass for width and 2" to 5" longer than the height (for brackets to mount above and below). To prevent your blind from bouncing off the door when opening and closing, be sure to order our free hold-down brackets. For detailed french door pictures and step-by-step measuring instructions, click here. Approximate Stack Heights Approx Stack Height for Wood Blinds Approx Stack Height for Bamboo Shades Approx Stack Height for Roman Shades 
Measuring Outside Mount for French Doors It's 5:00 pm somewhere! Ready for your Window Treatments?
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