Gerenal Measuring Notes: Always use a steel measuring tape. You need to measure every window, even if it is in the same room. Measure down to the nearest eighth of an inch. If you have any questions about measuring be sure to call us at 1-800-825-1470.  1. Measure the Width First Measure the opening width at the top (as shown), center and bottom recording the narrowest width. Do NOT take any deductions from that narrowest width. Our factory will take all the proper width deductions based on the window opening size you provide. Be sure to note the width first, then height. All measuring notes we use on this site are width first, then height. Be sure you don't transpose those numbers.    2. Next, Measure the Height Measure the height left, right and center, recording the shortest height. Our factory will take the height deductions to allow for operating clearance. Remember, all of our blinds are custom made and can NOT be returned. Please be sure to measure accurately and request some free sample swatches if a specific color match is required.  Approximate Stack Heights Approx Louver Count & Stack Chart - Vertical Blinds 
Measuring for Inside Mount Vertical Blinds and Shades It's 5:00 pm somewhere! Ready for your Window Treatments?
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