Accurate measurements are essential for shutters to fit properly. Be sure to use a quality steel tape. Measuring all windows, even though they may appear to be identical. When specifying measurements, state width first and then height. All measurements should be in inches and measured to an accuracy of 1/8th of an inch. For outside mounts, measurements should be finished. There are several things to remember when measuring for our Custom Wood Shutters. Measure the depth of the window to determine louver clearance, this value will be needed when ordering shutters. This depth determines which louver you can use when selecting an Inside Mount. 2 3/8" Louvers can be used on depths of 2" and greater where 3 3/8" louvers can be used on depths of 2 1/2" and greater. When measuring for width and height, always measure in three places (along the top, middle and bottom for width and at the left, center and right for the height) and give the smallest/tightest value. This allows you to accommodate openings that are not perfectly square. On inside mount window applications, the factory will take a specific 1/8" deduction from the opening size. On outside mount openings, the factory will build the shutter unit (panels and frames) to your exact width and height specifications to the outside edge of the frame. Inside mount applications require diagonal measurements to check if the window opening is square. If the diagonal measurements differ by 1/2" or greater, ABB recommends installing an outside mount shutter to make up for the discrepancy or consider using a Z-Frame (The Z-Frame will cover most spacing gaps caused by a non-square window opening). It is important that exact window measurements be taken before ordering Custom Wood Shutters. Once the order is confirmed, the order may not be canceled. Divider Rail Placement (If Required) The optimal placement for the divider rail is the exact center of the panel. Shutters that are over 60" in height must have a divider rail. There is a minimum distance of 20" and a maximum distance of 60" from the center of the divider rail to the top and bottom of the shutter panel. To specify your divider rail location: Outside Mounts: Measure from the bottom of where the frame will be located to the center point of the desired location of the divider rail. Inside Mounts: Measure from the bottom inside of the opening to the center point of the desired location of the divider rail. Three-sided Frames: Measure from the floor or sill to the center point of the desired location of the divider rail. Note: Divider rail location may vary by 1/8" due to computer equal spacing of the louvers. Matching Divider Rail Locations on Windows of Different Heights To match the location of divider rail across windows of different heights. Determine the desired divider rail location for all windows. Mark that location on the molding or wall at the first window. Carry that measurement to all the other windows and mark the molding or wall at each location.
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