Horizontal Blinds Outside Mount & French Door Installation Instructions
Start by holding the blind up to the window near top and making a mark with a pencil at both ends of headrail so you know where to mount the installation brackets. Next, mount the left and right hand brackets about 1/8" wider than the pencil marks so when the blind is set into the brackets it fits with a little play from side to side. NOTE: If you measured properly the bottom edge of bracket should be lined up with top edge of casing. When blind is lowered it should be hanging about 2" below bottom casing.
1. Once brackets are installed you can place the blind headrail into place.
2. Close the hinged bracket doors and make sure they snap shut.
3. Slide the clear valance clip down over the front side of blind headrail with the long side facing into room.
4. Be sure to click the valance clip down the one extra notch as shown so it's all the way down on headrail.
5. Time to install the valance. First, bend the tab into place that holds the side returns out at a 90 degree angle as shown.
6. Next, hold the valance into the top edge of valance clips.
7. push the bottom edge of valance in firmly against the valance clips until they snap into place.
8. Finsished valance when done correctly.    :-)
9. Lower blind all the way, insert the pins into bottom rail for hold-down brackets and make a pencil mark on both sides where hold-down brackets are going to be installed.
10. Screw hold-down brackets into place using two of the screws provided. Be sure that both hold- down bracket marks are level, If not, it WILL show when completed.
11. View of blind partially raise with hold-down brackets installed.
12. View of blind attached to hold-down brackets.
13. If you have lever type handles they will interfere with the slats rotating open and closed. This is not a big issue and most customers (including this one) are fine with it.
Center Support Bracket (if needed)
Mount the center support bracket to the wall, using two screws to secure it.
The blind is still held in place by the two end brackets, this bracket just supports the center portion of wider blinds. It's 5:00 pm somewhere! Ready for your Window Treatments?
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