Some of our blinds and shades have the option to get cutouts on one or both sides of them. A cutout is specified when a section of the blind needs to be cutout to allow clearance for obstacles (i.e. Door handles, window cranks, bolts, etc.) that may be in the way of the blinds. The Image to the right shows the outline of a blind in a window and where a cutout would be placed on that blind to avoid the window crank. The width and height are the measurements of the cutout size needed. To specify a cutout you need to measure and note the following: Measure the width the cutout needs to be (how many inches in from the wall the cutout will be, in from the side). Measure the height the cutout needs to be (how many inches up from the window sill the cutout will be, up from the bottom). Determine if the cutout is for the left, right or both sides. The picture below depicts the window opening and shows where you would measure for the cutout(s).
Cutout Measuring Instructions It's 5:00 pm somewhere! Ready for your Window Treatments?
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