This synthetic fauxwood product has the look and feel of a Real Wood product, but at a more economical price. Our 2" embossed faux wood is 100% Ultra Violet controlled, which means it will not yellow. It also is Anti Static controlled, leaving you less dust on your blinds. You will not have to worry about warping or cracking, so it is a great product for areas of moisture or humidity, such as bathrooms, kitchens and the garage.
2” Facade Horizontal Blinds
Features: Comes standard with a deluxe, 3" tall crown valance. Standard "V" shaped trapezoid bottom rail for improved closure. All mounting hardware and installation screws are included. Available with a cord tilter or wand tilter. Cloth tapes are available for only 15% more. Designer cloth tapes are available for only 30% more. Two on one or three on one headrail is available. All product components are color coordinated.
Slat Colors: (Please don't use this site for exact colors and sizes, each monitor varies.)
Snow White
Pearl White
Oyster White
Solid White
Solid Duck Spun
Solid Fawn
Solid Cocoa
Solid Chocolate
Solid Mulberry
Solid Dark Beige
Solid Wine
Solid Red
Solid Pink
Solid Baltic
Solid Canary
Solid Pastel Green
Solid Olive
Solid Dark Green
Solid Midnight
Solid Royal Blue
Solid Alice Blue
Solid Forest
Solid Silver
Solid Gray
Solid Black
Mingle Beige
Mingle Spun
Mingle Cappuccino
Mingle Brown
Mingle Hunter
Mingle Indigo
Mingle Blue
Mingle Seafoam
Mingle Pastel Green
Cotton Candy Duck White
Gingham Duck White
Gingham Light Beige
Gingham Dark Beige
Gingham Taupe
Cloth Tape Colors: (Please don't use this site for exact colors and sizes, each monitor varies.)
Leaf Light Beige
Chain Stitch Duck White
Chain Stitch Butterscotch
Wheat Brown Light Beige
Wheat Green Light Beige
Green Key Cocoa
Green Key Maroon
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