Basswood is derived from trees that are native from North American, Mexico, Europe, some central portions of Asia, and Japan.  Basswood is a quick growing tree that eventually reaches heights ranging from 60 to 80 feet.  It has widely ovate, coarsely toothed leaves that can grow up to a foot in a length.  This tree cannot survive the polluted air of cities.  The wood of this variety is light, soft, close-grained, fairly strong, and quite tough.
2” Basswood Horizontal Blinds
Features: Comes standard with a deluxe, 3" tall royal valance. Standard "V" shaped trapezoid bottom rail for improved closure. All mounting hardware and installation screws are included. Available with a cord tilter or wand tilter. Cloth tapes are available for only 15% more. Designer cloth tapes are available for only 30% more. Two on one or three on one headrail is available. All product components are color coordinated.
Colors: (Please don't use this site for exact colors and sizes, each monitor varies.)
Chalk White
Golden Oak
Pure White
Sugar Maple
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